Cyber Cooperation Workshop

Effective cybersecurity requires cooperation. Even though many would agree with this statement, fostering a collaborative environment is often challenging. In this Workshop, we want to shed some light on the various factors that shape cyber cooperation.

When: November 15, 2021

Where: Digital Society Initiative, Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zurich


Panel 1:   13:00 - 14:45
Panel 2:   15:15-17:00
Keynote:  17:30-18:30
Dinner:     19:00 (Speakers only)

In two sessions, the panellists will address the following questions:

  • Obstacles: What factors hinder cyber-cooperation?
  • Facilitators: What does work well?
  • Goals: Where should we go from here (ideally)?
  • Means: What do we need to get there?


Panel 1

This panel will help us understand the environment of cyber cooperation, especially from a legal and policy point of view. It will also discuss the value of multi-stakeholder partnerships and the principles that should guide effective and healthy collaboration among actors from diverse backgrounds. For this purpose, our panel includes a wide range of experts from law, policy, diplomacy, and cryptography.

Confirmed Speakers: Myriam Dunn Cavelty (Center for Security Studies), Martin Dahinden (ICT4Peace representative), Sylvain Métille (University of Lausanne), Joachim Rosenthal (University of Zurich)

Moderation by Nicolas Zahn (Swiss Digital Initative)


Panel 2

This panel will help us understand the practical implications of cyber cooperation. Although there is general agreement that information sharing is crucial to understanding the current threat landscape and preventing future cyberattacks, experts who work with cyber incidents often must consider a series of factors. To help us grasp the complexity of this issue, the panel consisting of cybersecurity experts from SWITCH, FIRST, NCSC, and the Cybercrime Division of ZH police will share their different – yet complementing – perspectives with us.

Confirmed Speakers: Serge Droz (FIRST), Reto Inversini (National Cyber Security Center), Tamara Schmid (Cybersecurity Division Zurich Police), Andreas Mühlemann (SWITCH)

Moderation by Nicolas Zahn (Swiss Digital Initative)



Speaker Dr. Melissa K. Griffith (Wilson Center) will discuss the value of extensive civilian-military and public-private cooperation for effective national cyber defense. Her research on the defense postures of small countries offers lessons for Switzerland.

Further information:

Please note that there is a COVID certificate requirement. Please show your certificate and ID at the entrance!