Digital Democracy Workshop

Date: 28. & 29. October 2021

The Digital Democracy workshop is co-organized by the Democracy Community of the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) and the Digital Democracy Lab (DigDemLab) at the University of Zurich. It aims to facilitate exchange among scholars from different substantive fields working on these topics. We particularly encourage researchers based in or near Zurich to apply, as well as early-career researchers and those belonging to groups traditionally underrepresented in the field.

Workshop attendance is free and is open to both paper presenters and non-presenters, but registration is required and subject to seat availability. The workshop will take place in-person if the COVID-19 situation permits and all presenters are expected to attend. For registered non-presenters all sessions will also be live streamed. If the situation does not allow for in-person meetings, the workshop will take place exclusively online.

You can find more information here.

Organizing committee:
Meysam Alizadeh, Elliott Ash, Ivo Bantel, Karsten Donnay, Fabrizio Gilardi, Theresa Gessler, Emma Hoes, Jonathan Klüser, Ana Kotarcic, Mael Kubli, Lucas Leemann, Nahema Marchal, Paula Moser, Maxime Walder. We can be reached at