DSI Book Club

The DSI Book Club meets every month or so to discuss a book of interest to the DSI community. It is an informal conversation. Feel free to show up even if you've only read part of the book. We welcome new participants, it's okay to show up to one meeting and not the others. The books are available in the DSI Co-Working Space for your use. The Book Club is in English.

Please join us for any or all of these discussions even if you are only able to read part of the books.

Questions? Please email organizer Eszter Hargittai

Fall 2021

Thursday September 30, 16:00: New Money: How Payment Became Social Media by Lana Swartz

Tuesday October 26, 12:00: Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing by Chris Bail

Wednesday December 8, 16:00: Chasing Innovation: Making Entrepreneurial Citizens in Modern India by Lilly Irani