Reading group “Interdisciplinary Ethics of Algorithms”

In the reading group «Interdisciplinary Ethics of Algorithms» we discuss ethical issues in algorithmic decision-making from various methodological approaches (e.g. philosophy, social sciences, political theory, statistics, and machine learning).

The reading group is a monthly event, usually taking place the second Tuesday of the month at 5:00-6-00 p.m. In each meeting, an article or book chapter is presented in 10 minutes and then discussed. It is advisable to read it before the meeting. Researchers, PhD- and MA-students interested in the topic from various disciplines (e.g. computer science, health, bioethics) are welcome to participate.

Here you can find the overview of the discussed papers and the speakers


Due to the Covid-19 measures, so far the meetings are online on Zoom; at a later date we would like to organize them at the DSI. This is the link to join.

Contact persons: Eleonora Viganò, Corinna Hertweck


The reading group is part of the NRP 77 “Socially Acceptable AI and Fairness Trade-Offs in Predictive Analytics”.