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Digital Society Initiative


The DSI Community Metaverse is the first initiative of the University of Zurich focusing on the metaverse. By including private and public stakeholders, the community aspires to advance the understanding of this new environment, fostering a systematic interdisciplinary approach.

The DSI Community Metaverse explores the implications emerging from the metaverse, gradually permeating a growing number of human experiences. It should act as a catalyst for developing an effective interdisciplinary dialogue on the metaverse, systematically including academics, market actors, and regulators. We will consider the legal and economic implications pervading the construction of this new ecosystem, structurally related to the cryptoeconomy and decentralized finance, as well as all the inherent technical, philosophical, sociological, and political issues. The DSI Community Metaverse should contribute to monitoring the developments in the construction of the metaverse, advancing its practical understanding, and taking part in the development of market practices and policies.

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How can I participate?

Register for the DSI network and then contact the community (see Contact).
We look forward to welcoming you to the DSI circle.


You can contact the DSI Community Metaverse via mail.