2022 News

  • Exhibition: Planet Digital

    Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from the fields of design and art. In around 25 installations, they invite visitors to experience the science of digitalization with all their senses.

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  • The DIZH Innovation program supports nine projects to overcome the last mile

    Researchers in the Canton of Zurich are responding to immediate challenges with measures that can be implemented quickly. With the Call for Rapid Action proposals, the DIZH supports the realisation of innovative solutions. These are based on interdisciplinary cooperation between the UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH, with the involvement of practice partners. A jury consisting of 12 specialists from the participating universities selected nine projects from 33 applications, which will be funded with a total of CHF 1.2 million - half from the DIZH special credit and half from the participating universities' own contributions. The projects introduce new tools in education, health care and the world of work, respond to challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic or offer decision-making support for ethical problems and climate change risk analysis. What the projects have in common is their high level of practical relevance. Since already tested prototypes are available or the projects build on completed research findings, the Call for Rapid Action proposals specifically supports these projects in overcoming the last mile. This means that the projects can be implemented within one year. 

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  • Conference: It's About People – Embracing Digital Transformation, for a Sustainable and Ethical Future

    The Alma Mater Europaea institution (Maribor, Slovenia) invites Established Researchers, Scholars, and Scientists to join as panel speakers at the upcoming scientific conference It's About People – Embracing Digital Transformation, for a Sustainable and Ethical Future.

    The conference is scheduled between March 11–18, 2022  and will be organized online via Zoom. The panel will take place on March 17 (morning and afternoon sessions). It includes but is not limited to scholars, researchers, and scientists who work in the cross-section of Humanities and Computer and Data Science and Ethical AI or any scholars from the broad field of Digital Society.

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  • Culture and digitalization: Call for proposals for a technology impact assessment study

    TA-SWISS has invited proposals for an interdisciplinary study that will assess the opportunities and risks of the impact of digitalization on culture and on our societal development. The study will attempt to answer technical, legal, social, political, economic, ecological and ethical questions.

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  • "Weissbuch Corona" – Lessons on the Pandemic

    In the interdisciplinary collection "Weissbuch Corona", observations, analyses and evaluations on the impact of the Corona crisis in Switzerland were compiled by around forty experts. DSI Directors Abraham Bernstein and Florent Thouvenin also contributed and wrote about the "information crisis" that accompanied the Corona crisis.

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