Open Positions at the Department of Banking and Finance: Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Researcher

Within the framework of a cross-national and cross-institutional research project (DACH project; Switzerland-Germany; University of Zurich and Zeppelin University) of Prof. Dr. Carmen Tanner and Prof. Dr. Alexander Wagner, two third party funded position are available as research assistant and postdoctoral researcher. You will be part of an interdisciplinary team (psychology, finance, economics) that works together with the "Center for Responsibility in Finance", among others.

About the project:

The project ("Promoting Honesty in Business: The Role of Contemplation Questions"), funded by the SNSF and DFG, aims to actively promote honesty in business in an interdisciplinary collaboration (psychology, finance, economics) with the help of suitable reflection questions as a decision-making aid and an innovative, game-based tool. In three sub-projects, the aim is a) to identify relevant conflict situations in the business context by means of interviews, b) to examine the relevance of various reflection questions in experimental designs, and finally c) to analyze the effectiveness of the reflection questions in an intervention study, using a game-based digital tool to be developed.

Job Advertisements and Application:

Research Assistant without Doctorate (or PhD Student)

Postdoctoral researcher