New Text Crunching Center (TCC)

The new Text Crunching Center (TCC) at the University of Zurich is a service offered to all departments and to external partners or customers. Head of the TCC Gerold Schneider and collaborator Tilia Ellendorff are both part of the DSI Network.

The TCC offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Text Analytics & Text Mining
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Text Classification
  • Machine Translation

The TCC offers consulting and support in:

  • Digitalisation of printed texts and manuscripts including OCR
  • Efficient information extraction and analysis of large text collections
  • Enrichment of texts with named entities, sentiment analysis, topic modelling and classification, including multilingual and historical texts
  • Advice on tools, software and best practices
  • Help with project applications and common projects
  • Ready-made solutions

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