An exciting UZH Digital Forum: The Future of Work

On September 13, the UZH Digital Forum on "The Future of Work" took place. In an exciting lecture at the UZH, the keynote speaker Thomas W. Malone from MIT argued that digitization is changing the world of work in a different way than is generally assumed.

Progress in robotics was certainly impressive, he said, but their economic significance had been overestimated. Artificial intelligence had strengths in specific, narrowly defined areas, but humans would remain the better generalists for the foreseeable future.

Rather than artificial intelligence, the strengthening of communication networks was the critical factor driving the transformation of how we work. “The technologically relatively simple possibility of sending an e-mail has changed life more drastically than the development of more complex humanoid robots,” said Malone. The internet, by connecting groups of computers and groups of humans (i.e. hyperconnectivity), had created an incomparably powerful form of collective intelligence based on both human cognition and digital infrastructure.


The UZH Communication Department has published an interesting article about the events. Please find it here