Conference "Trust in Autonomous Machines"

ATTENTION: Coronavirus: Due to the current new cases in the Canton of Zurich, the conference "Trust in Autonomous Machines" will be postponed to autumn 2020. Further information will follow shortly.

Trust in Autonomous Machines

The conference "Trust in Autonomous Machines", organized by the Digital Ethics Lab Community, will take place on 19 and 20 March 2020 at the new rooms of the Digital Society Initiative (SOC-E-010, Rämistrasse 69, 8001 ZH) at the University of Zurich.

The conference will be held in english and is free. 

What is the conference about?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Machines are increasingly prevalent and pervasive, emerging in nearly all aspects of daily life. But is trust–or distrust–a means to better understand and even facilitate reactions to and interactions with autonomous machines? We will discuss these questions and more during our 2-day conference and public keynote from Professor David De Cremer (National University of Singapore).

As part of the DSI theme week on Artificial Intelligence and as the kick-off event for the new Digital Society Initiative ethics cluster, we invite scholars, students, and practitioners from philosophy, medicine, psychology, business, economics, human-computer interactions, technology, etc., to consider and discuss the dynamics surrounding the topics of autonomous machines and trust together at the University of Zurich.

Download the agenda here (PDF, 66 KB).


The speakers of the conference at a glance


Public Lecture David de Cremer

In AI We Trust? Making Co-Creation Work in a Human-Technology Context


This lecture will be part of the DSI Theme week on Artificial Intelligence


Date: 19 March 2020, 18:00- 19:30 

Location: Digital Society Initiative, SOC-E-010 (Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zürich)

Language: English

Organizations are more than ever engaged in digital transformation activities. These efforts allow for AI to enter organizations at a scale that we have never seen before. An important question that therefore needs to be addressed is how AI will change and shape work relationships between man and technology. To promote cooperative relationships leading to valuable co-creation requires the existence of trust. Can trust exist between man and AI and if so what kind of forms are possible. In my talk, I will focus on these specific questions by outlining the unique features that both AI and humans bring into the equation of this new kind of work relationship and infer the challenges and opportunities that await us. This analysis will allow for us to arrive at a better understanding of how AI can contribute to creating value within organizations and the role that humans will have to play to ensure that machine helps running our operations in sustainable, trustworthy and value-driven ways. 

Bio David de Cremer