Mit Mobilfunkdaten zu besseren Mobilitätslösungen

Mit Mobilfunkdaten zu besseren Mobilitätslösungen (Lecture in German)

Rahel Stöckli, Business Development Executive, Teralytics AG

Luciano Franceschina, CTO and co-founder, Teralytics AG

Host: Dr. Tumasch Reichenbacher, Department of Geography, University of Zurich


Thursday, April 15. 2021, 18:15-19:45

The event will take place digitally via Zoom.
Please register by email at We will send you the Zoom link approx. 48 hours before the event.

Abstract (Translated from german):

In a world where the definition of "normal" has changed, making the right decisions is more complex - and important - than ever before. COVID-19 has turned the transportation sector on its head, with the effects potentially being felt well into the future.

To successfully predict people's future mobility needs, you have to know how their needs will change and forecast which new behaviors will be short-term and long-term. This requires: - Mobility information that provides an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date picture of how people travel - regardless of mode or demographic affiliation - and information that is continuous and shows how travel patterns change over time.

Teralytics' information covers large, stable population samples that represent travel patterns of real people and have no bias toward any particular group or mode of transportation. As an optimal basis for collecting this information, we use signal data from wireless carriers that form a large, continuous, and representative dataset for all regions in which we operate.

During the talk, we will present our analyses and the methodology used, and show how this new data set is being used to gain tomorrow's insights using real projects.