The Digital Society Initiative offers various public events that give you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with researchers and experts in the field of digitalisation. The events are not about technological innovations, but much more about ethical, legal and social aspects that need to be discussed: It's about people and their role in the digitized world.

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Further events in the field of digitalization


World Usability Day - Presentation: Can we trust a trustless technology? Money without a bank? A notary service without a notary? Not bad. Blockchain technology promises to eliminate the need for trust and change the way we interact with each other. But it's a common misconception that trust is no longer necessary. Together with a team of researchers from the University of Zurich, DSI postdoc Liudmila Zavolokina has spent the last six years researching trust in blockchain technology. Do end users understand the concept of "trust by design" that blockchain technology brings? How is trust built in blockchain technology? In this talk, Liudmila will talk about what aspects still need to be considered when building trust in Blockchain technology.
More information about the World Usability Day and registration can be found here.