The Digital Society Initiative offers various public events that give you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with researchers and experts in the field of digitalisation. The events are not about technological innovations, but much more about ethical, legal and social aspects that need to be discussed: It's about people and their role in the digitized world.

Events organized by the DSI, DSI Communities or in cooperation with the DSI are listed on the left.

Further events in the field of digitalization are listed below.



Exhibition "Planet Digital": Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from the fields of design and art. In around 25 installations, they invite visitors to experience the science of digitalization with all their senses. Further information:


Education and Digitality - Perspectives from Research and Practice: Digitalization is changing the field of education in various ways and affects individuals as well as organizations, institutions and society as a whole. In this context, learning and education take place under changed conditions and established pedagogical concepts and routines often reach their limits. This results in new challenges of scientific as well as practical relevance, both for research and for the design of pedagogical processes. The Center for Education and Digital Change at the PH Zurich is addressing these contexts in the form of two event formats that will take place entirely online via Zoom this spring semester: a lecture series and a dialogue series. Here you can find more information about the individual lectures.