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Are you interested in Digital Transformation and its impact on our lives?

Digitalisation fundamentally changes science and society. This process of digitalisation challenges existing paradigms, enables new approaches to research and teaching and requires new skills in a rapidly changing social reality. It is the task of all scientific disciplines and society as a whole to critically reflect and shape these developments.

For this reason, the Digital Society Initiative has been launched at the University of Zurich to address this task and thus position the University of Zurich nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for the critical reflection of all aspects of the digital society.

What does the UZH Digital Society Initiative offer you?

The UZH Digital Society Initiative aims to establish a dialogue with the general public and offers various events such as the DSI Brown Bag Lunches and the UZH Digital Forum series of evening lectures. Once a year we organise a UZH lecture series with researchers from the DSI network.

In the News section, you can find out the latest news from the DSI Network, and in the Media section you can read about the coverage of DSI. If you would like to find out how research on digitalisation issues is conducted at the University of Zurich, take a look at our UZH Talks.

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