Room Reservation

Login is done via the UZH-shortname or the AAI-Login. If you do not have such a login, please contact the DSI Managing Office.

After your first login you will be added to a specific user-group (directors, managing office, employees, members, etc.). Only then you can make your first reservations.

All reservations must be approved by the DSI Managing Office. If your reservation is not approved you will be contacted.

Reservations can only be made for the current semester, i.e. a maximum of 6 months in advance.


  • Meeting Room SOC-E-006 (20 people, screen)
  • Meeting Room SOC-E-008 (12 people, screen)
  • Event Room SOC-E-010 (86 people, beamer, projection screen)

MS Surface Hubs

The Surface Hubs are not yet ready for use. Further information will follow.

Reservation Prioritization

  1. DSI Board of Directors and Managing Office
  2. DSI Challenge Areas and Fellows
  3. DSI members
  4. Partners (ITSL, Blockchain Center, DIZH, etc.)

In the initial phase (at least until June 2020), no reservations or usage by other UZH bodies or external parties are planned. The situation will be re-evaluated in summer 2020.

The rooms of the DSI can only be booked for events in the context of "Research & Teaching".

Further Information

Further information can be found in our usage concept.