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Events in cooperation with the DSI

29.01.2019, 17:30

PolitTalk Digitales Zürich: Digitalisation of the salad. The digitalisation of all areas of life is in full swing, also in the food sector. On 29 January 2019, the PolitTalk "Digital Zurich" will show you how the data generated create added value and which questions arise when dealing with them. More information about the event (in German) can be found here.


Shift 2019 - Business without borders: What inspires customers with innovative offers that are possible thanks to disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence? What do they accept and what not? And where are boundaries necessary? These questions are at the heart of Shift, a conference on customer expectations and acceptance issues for data-based business models. Shift 2019 will be initiated and organised by the Centre for Digital Responsibility (CDR), a think tank for digital ethics. The Digital Society Initiative is a partner of the event. Read more about Shift2019.


Further events in the field of digitalisation


Open Data for citizens and researchers, lunch event: The call for freely available data is concentrated in the concept of Open Data. This refers to data that can be used or disseminated without restriction. This is important for the general public and mainly concerns Open Government Data (OGD). In the academic environment, this is referred to as Open Research Data. In these lunch events you will learn where Switzerland stands with regard to Open Government Data and how Open Research Data can be processed. At the same time, the organisers set out the legal framework and show which important legal issues and copyright provisions need to be taken into account. You can find more information on the entire series of events here