Community Events: The DSI invites the members of the DSI network to work closely together. Community events within the five proposed Challenge Areas are the ideal platform to identify potential partners and new fields of research. Community events do not have to be limited to the five proposed Challenge Areas, but can also take place on other topics.

UZH Digital Forum: The DSI invites external and internal experts under the format "UZH Digital Forum", in order to make topics of the digitalization of society and the DSI itself known to a broad public and to raise awareness for the work of the DSI. In April 2018, the event series started with a first event, which was repeated for the first time in September. Every year, two to four public events are organised under this format. 

Brown Bag Lunches: Since HS17 there have been about five Brown Bag Lunches per semester. The Brown Bag Lunches enable the members of the DSI network to meet regularly and to present and discuss their research results.

DSI Lecture Series: The DSI regularly organizes UZH lecture series. Since September 2018 the first lecture series "Communicative Challenges in Digital Societies" is taking place. The DSI event in cooperation with the IKMZ will address from different scientific perspectives the most important opportunities and challenges that arise for society due to the changes caused by digitalization in public as well as private communication. A lecture series on "Digital Democracy" is planned for the autumn semester 2019.

Book Club: The DSI Book Club, initiated by E. Hargittai, focuses on books with a focus on digitalization. Books are regularly recommended and discussed.