DSI Postdocs

PhD Students


Alexandra Georgescu 

Project: Alexandra Georgescus project will aim to use agent based modelling to measure and assess how the spatial accessibility patterns and behaviours of people change depending on multiple factors such as: different mobility capacities, the physical environment, weather, temporal changes and others.

Contact: alexandra-ioana.georgescu@uzh.ch


Kimon Papadopoulos

Project: "Developing the Concept of Public Trust in Electronic Health Records in Switzerland and Neighboring Countries": With a low conceptual clarity on what public trust in electronic health records (EHRs) constitutes of, it is essential to create a conceptual understanding of public trust, as trust in EHRs is necessary in promoting the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare systems, as well as public participation in healthcare activities. By reaching coherence on the concept of public trust in EHRs, we will hope to inform health policy making, healthcare interventions and innovation, and to further the development of public trust theory, all of which is predicted to be of great use to Swiss and European healthcare research, especially in the context of the overall digitalization of our society.

Contact: kimon.papadopoulos@uzh.ch

Myriam Pham-Truffert

Project: The research project "SDG interactions through gamification (SD-Game)" is part of a new DSI project on digitalization and urban sustainability networks (SDGnets@ZH). SD-Game will investigate local knowledge which is relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals through digital and non-digital game elements supporting participatory systems modeling.

Contact: myriam.pham-truffert@geo.uzh.ch

Kilian Sprenkamp

Project: Kilian Sprenkamp's project investigates how Data-Driven Ecosystems can be used for Public Value Creation.

Contact: kilian.sprenkamp@uzh.ch