Sara Irina Fabrikant, Prof. Dr. (MNF)

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Former Director
Digital Society Initiative

Prof. Dr. Sara Irina Fabrikant

Sara Irina Fabrikant is a Co-Director of the Digital Society Initiative and Full Professor of Geography, in particular Geographical Information Science (GIScience), at the Department of Geography of the University of Zurich (UZH). 

Sara Irina Fabrikant studied Geography at the UZH GIScience at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, supported by a Rotary International Scholarship. She received her doctorate from the University of Colorado Boulder (USA), and worked as an assistant professor of geography at the geography departments of the University at Buffalo, SUNY (1999/2000) and the University of California Santa Barbara, UCSB (2000-2005). Since 2005 Sara Irina Fabrikant has been heading the Geographical Information Visualization and Analysis (GIVA) group at the UZH. From 2014-2016 she was Head of the UZH Geography Department, and until 2018 she was a member of the Departments board of directors, in her role of Head Teaching.

Sara Irina Fabrikant's research and teaching interests lie in geographic information visualization and geovisual analytics, GIScience and cognition, graphical user interface design and evaluation, including dynamic cartography.

Sara Irina Fabrikant is a member of the Swiss Science Council, past Vice President of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), and is involved in the steering committees of a number of international scientific bodies, in addition to her research and teaching activities and her activities as Co-Director of the Digital Society Initiative. Gender and diversity aspects in a digital knowledge society in general and specifically in the education sector are particularly important concerns for Sara Irina Fabrikant.