Background of the DSI

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) is a bottom-up initiative developed within the University of Zurich (UZH) by a working group of professors and involving members from all seven faculties of the UZH.

The opening ceremony took place in September 2016 in the presence of Silvia Steiner, Director of Education of the Canton of Zurich, and Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation.

The DSI consists of challenge areas, cross-cutting issues, research groups, professorships, fellowships and scientific services:

  • Challenge Areas are research topics in various areas of the societal challenges posed by digitization.
  • Cross-cutting topics concern both methodological issues and issues relevant to all problem areas. 
  • Research groups are usually assigned to individual problem areas and/or cross-sectional topics. 
  • The DSI would like to support the faculties in defining current professorships that are oriented towards the general goals of the DSI.
  • DSI Fellows are either scientists of the UZH or invited external fellows who are temporarily associated with specific DSI research areas.
  • Scientific services are provided by the DSI office to all scientists who are members of the DSI.