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Digital Society Initiative

Markus Kneer

Markus Kneer, Dr.

  • Ethics & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Markus Kneer (BA Oxford University, PhD Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris) is a senior researcher at the Digital Society Initiative and an SNF Ambizione Fellow at Zurich University’s Faculty of Philosophy. Before coming to Zurich he was a research associate at the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University.

Markus works on questions regarding artificial intelligence, ethics, philosophy of mind, and law. His work is both theoretical and empirical in nature. At the DSI, he focuses principally on topics concerning moral responsibility, trust, and meaningful human control in contexts where humans interact with autonomous systems. He leads the Digital Ethics Laboratory, a forum for empirically-minded researchers working on Digital Ethics and Human-Robot Interaction.

At the Centre for Ethics, Markus heads the Guilty Minds Lab, an interdisciplinary group consisting of philosophers, psychologists and legal scholars interested in inculpating states of mind, biases that can arise in their attribution, and strategies for making the law more just. His research has been published in leading journals in several disciplines, including Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), Cognition, Cognitive Science, Linguistics & Philosophy, Synthèse, ACM THRI, ACM CSUR and elsewhere.