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Digital Society Initiative

UZH Innovathon 2023: The Digitalization of Mobility

The «UZH Innovathon: The Digitalization of Mobility» is a special course and an open innovation format, newly developed at UZH. Students dive into the interdisciplinary nature of the digitalization of mobility, taught by lecturers from the DSI Community Mobility. This year, Flughafenregion Zürich - Wirtschaftsnetzwerk & Standortentwicklung, SBB and Helbling Technik come onboard as industry partners and propose real-world challenges for the students to work on. Equipped with an innovation manual and guided by experienced facilitators and researchers, students subsequently develop creative solutions to real-world challenges from the presently highly relevant developments around the digitalization of mobility.

The course will be held for the third time, in the last two years students worked on challenges including: How do we enhance the attractiveness of ride-sharing services for people who own a car? How can travel apps be designed to target the needs of young people? How can means of transport be combined in a maximally efficient way? How can we enhance safety in trains by innovative ideas? By tackling such challenges, students can contribute to a world where mobility is connected, autonomous, post-fossil, and clean – a future that promotes health, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

The course offers a unique opportunity to enhance the students personal and professional growth:

  • experience the challenges and advantages of working in interdisciplinary teams
  • develop a network and connect with like-minded peers, researchers, and practitioners
  • learn about the digitalization of mobility from the perspective of several disciplines and broaden the knowledge base
  • acquire invaluable innovation and presentation skills through hands-on experience and expert guidance
  • receive 6 ECTS points
  • make an impact by developing innovative solutions that address real challenges and contribute to a more sustainable and connected future.

Who / Wer: Master and doctoral students across all UZH faculties interested in the digitalization of mobility and motivated to develop ideas based on real world challenges.

When / Wann: Septemper 14 to October 6, 2023 (teamwork), until mid Nov (individual work)

Where / Wo: Digital Society Initiative, Ginetta & Google

Language / Sprache: English

Registration / Anmeldung: Link

Organisation: DSI Community Mobility, UZH Innovation Hub, School for Transdisciplinary Studies


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